Social Media Hype Foodporn – Tips for Food Photography

Here a few more salad leaves, there a little more dressing on the edge of the plate, the meat put in the right light – no doubt well arranged food tastes not only very good, it also looks great. But instead of jumping straight onto the food, more and more people are turning to cameras. They take time for a few photos – and then post them on the social networks. But Foodporn is not that easy. The following tips will help you stage your curry sausage and chips as successfully as possible.

art of photography – presentation of food

Foodporn is nothing more than the spectacular visual presentation of food in cooking shows or social media. Exotic dishes, foods with a high calorie and fat content are presented in such a sophisticated and provocative way that your mouth waters. The professionals work on the different foods and dishes by a professional food stylist before even a single picture is taken. But anyone who wants to photograph the culinary masterpiece that has just been produced in their own kitchen will often find that this is not so easy. Before getting started in food photography, there are a few things to consider.

How to make your picture as a photographer

There is no rule that dictates how food must be arranged. It does no harm to practice the arrangement of the individual dishes a little beforehand. The entire decoration such as dishes, cutlery, etc. is prepared, the tablecloth finely smoothed. A complete picture is not bad, but also detailed shots can give a meaningful photo. A few test photos wouldn’t be bad. How’s the light? Is another lamp needed or is the flash enough?

Food Photos – Do it yourself!

Food is often presented on Instagram or other social media channels. Not only the great stars of the world, but also your friends and family are happy to tell the world what they had to eat today. But many lack the right attitude or quality of these food photos. Tobias helps with 10 tips to make and share better such photos. You don’t urgently need a reflex camera, even with a mobile phone, you can take a meaningful food photo. That’s how you make everyone jealous of your food!

Tables, boards, fruit boxes: Pay attention to the environment

Anything is allowed: old tables, boards, fruit boxes can be very decorative. The colours of the decoration should be matched to the colours of the food. Example: Red tomatoes on a red blanket do not even show to advantage. A simple, single-coloured background is best for colourful dishes. Pictures are often supposed to convey a mood (for example Christmas cookies), but too much decoration harms the presentation. The picture seems overloaded and food is no longer the focus of attention. By deliberately blurring the focus can be directed to a certain image detail.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Golden cut – also with Foodporn pictures

Anyone who has paid attention at school knows that the golden ratio in photography means nothing else than not placing the main motif in the middle of the picture but slightly offset it. This brings the image proportions into the right proportion. By the way, the third division applies not only horizontally but also vertically.

How to use the golden ratio?

Especially in the field of photography, not only light and shadow play a role, the golden section of the image also ensures a high-quality presentation of a photo. If you are interested in getting to know the basics of photography and how to use them, you should watch this short video by Tom. In just a few minutes, it explains the most important design features when taking photographs. His five encyclopedia tips will help you present your pictures more professionally and your food more tastily.

The right angle, little shadow in photography

Eating photographed from above rarely brings a good result. The pictures look flat and unimaginative. The correct shooting angle depends on the details to be displayed and the light conditions, because there should be as little shadow as possible in the photo. An irrefutable rule is that liquids (wine, beer) are always depicted straight. If there are no liquids, try to align the photo to a straight line (horizontal or vertical).

The right light for your food picture

The best way to photograph food is in daylight. If this is not possible, additional light sources can be used. It is often better to illuminate the food with a daylight lamp than to use a flash. Exposure times can be extended when using a tripod.

Smartphone photography – Using the right app

If you use your smartphone to take pictures, you should use the right app. There are countless photo apps for these devices, which have many functions and make great effects possible.

Caution: Some menus are copyrighted. Posting photos on social networks can be expensive. Many elaborately arranged dishes may be protected by copyright. A star chef could consider himself to be the author of these menus and react with a warning.

Conclusion: Foodporn Images – The Instagram Trend

Foodporn pictures are very trendy and belong on every Instragram profile. Anyone who has conjured up a great dish might want to immortalise the culinary masterpiece in a photo. The above tips for food photography also help ambitious amateur chefs and grill masters to take successful photos of the prepared food without artificial effects. Before we finally get to dinner.

Top 10 Tips: You have to consider this

Here I also found 10 simple tips for the optimal food photography. If you take these ten steps into account, almost nothing can go wrong.

  • Image design – prepare as much as possible
  • Coloring – Environment
  • Supporting objects
  • Figure: Full or partial?
  • Thirds division – The golden ratio
  • Frame angle
  • General rule – image history
  • Exposure
  • White balance
  • Depth of Field